Back to School - What to do, what's new, and some things you might have missed.
Story Starters
There are lots of these one page idea generators on Yearbook Avenue under the new Digital Classroom,  More will be available later..  Use these to get new ideas for coverage and for interview questions, survey questions, photo possibilities and module ideas on a wide array of yearbook topics.

Click here for an example.
Theme Templates
Expanded from last year, these groups of templates are a great way to quickly design a great looking, cohesive book.  Use  the time saved to tell better stories and increase your book's coverage.

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Click here for examples.
Modular Designs
A brand new way to quickly place  designs in your book using pre-designed modular page templates that can be dragged and dropped.  When on a page, select modular templates on the design tab, select your page layout, then drop in your color-coded designs.

New last year, we've already made great improvements on this photo sharing site.  It's great for the entire school.  You'll want to get as many people in the school involved as is as possible to get more images for your book and more importantly, enhance everyone's school spirit and preserve their memories.

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Just added for IPhones and Android phones, this app allows students to upload their photos straight from their smartphone to ReplayIt.  They can also browse the images already on the site and search for memorable images.  The app is free, so promote it to the entire school.

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The ReplayIt™ Time Capsule is an online digital supplement to the yearbook that is free to all yearbook buyers. It contains all of the photos from the yearbook site tagged for ReplayIt plus the photos uploaded from the community. The Time Capsule is also interactive. Students can upload and share their own photos from their computers or smart phones using Jostens' ReplayIt app.
There's no font poster this year because we added some new fonts at the last minute and had to change the names of some others.  You can view the font list under Plan/Fonts or click here for it.

Now Accepting Checks
Not only can parents buy online with a check but you can also enter checks that you receive and have them immediately checked for sufficient funds and have the money deposited into your Jostens account.  You'll need the parents email which also emails them a receipt of their purchase.  This could be a great time saver for you and the front office.
Student List
Try and get this list from your front office as soon as possible with the student's name, grade, address and parent's email.  You might also want to get their homeroom or where they are during your yearbook hour.  Ask the secretary to email you the file in Excel then forward it on to us.
Survey Tool
An underutilized tool that allows you to create multiple types of surveys and then distribute them by email, web link, Facebook and many more options.

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Text Outside The Margins
New this year but not for everyone, we can now give you the ability to have text go outside the external margins for various effects.  If you'd like to add this function, please email us to turn the feature on for you.

Click here to see an example.
You can now select multiple elements on your page and set them as a group using the grouping icons on your format tab.  All click-n-go's and mods start out as a group for easier placement.  To ungroup, hit your delete key or the grouping icon.  This works especially well when trying to move portraits.
ReplayIt App for Phones
ReplayIt Time Capsule
When working on a page, on the image tab, you can now hide any images that have already been used in the book.  To filter, have the "Unused" box checked to hide all of the used images.

Click here to see an example
Yearbook Ambassador
This program assigns an equal number of students to each of your yearbook staff members.  Use this program to have your staff responsible for making sure their assigned students are in the book, have purchased a book, receive their book at distribution and any other tasks that need to be done.  Contact Mike to get this set up for you.

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We've created websites for many of our schools to provide yearbook information to parents and students.  We manage everything for you and can post any information you want available to your school's community.  Click here to see the homepage with the list of schools and if you'd like your own website, please contact Mike.
Hide Used Images